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Thursday, March 2, 2017


Eating dessert first isn't a big deal for me.  I think everyone should have the option.  However, the real point of this is that life is short, and it is definitely going by at warp speed for many of us as we enter this time of our life.  Our status from about November 1 to April 1 is to arrive at Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort in Webster, Florida, for the Winter season and RELAX, which sometimes is difficult with all the fun we have in the months in-between.  It's exhausting!

Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort
Webster, FL
Florida Grande is situated between
2 Black Angus Cattle Ranches in the middle of
Florida cattle country

About 7 years ago I began a class at Florida Grande called "Attitude Adjustment...It's FUN art...not FINE art!".  Every month I teach a different class until the middle of April, when just about every one begins leaving our large motorhome community of about 275 acres and over 100 class A motorhomes.  As our weather begins to get warmer, a lot of people return to their permanent homes and farms, while many, such as ourselves, head for a part of the USA we want to visit (check off our bucket list).  I'll be talking more about that later because this community has actually become a very large and interesting family.

 Attitude Adjustment Art Therapy Brochure

This year has been no exception.  Attitude Adjustment Class, for the first couple of years, was a sit down canvas painting class....and guess what!?  We ran out of room to hang our canvasses in our motor coaches!  We have many art classes with creative ideas that don't involve painted canvas and we have such fun exploring different art techniques.  A very important part of our classes has always been for us to become better acquainted with each other.  The people at Florida Grande come from all over the United States as well as Canada and beyond.

First Attitude Adjustment Class 2016
BeautifulAlcohol Ink Coasters 

Our home in the Winter is in Webster.  This year we
participated in the community Christmas card on the
main street leading into Webster.
We love the flexibility to take opportunities to get away with family - like last Thanksgiving when our family met at Little Lake Weir near Leesburg, FL and spent about a week just "chilling" with our family, which included our 4 grandchildren.  One evening we had dinner at Gator Joe's, a very casual lakeside restaurant in Oklawaha,  Florida.  What made Gator Joe's interesting was it was about 400 feet from the spot where Ma Barker and her gang resided around 1935.  This is an interesting tidbit of old Florida history!

Little Lake Weir, FL

Harold helps Kenzie catch a very large fish!
Little Lake Weir, FL at Thanksgiving 2016
Crazy Times with Family
Gator Joe's
Oklawaha, FL
Looking forward to sharing many more Attitude Adjustment blog entries in the future!  Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog today.

Another Beautiful Sunset at
Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort
Webster, FL

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


BRING YOUR OWN BRUSH!  What were you thinking?!

Lots of new projects to complete after you return to Florida Grande and I hope you'll grab a buddy, hop in your golf cart, and make your way to the Activities Room Thursday evening.  We may have a twofer (that's 2 for 1) since so many of you like the pumpkin wine glass tea light thingy on Facebook!

The class project will be an opportunity for us to begin ART JOURNALING which is quite a trend right now. ...think doodling, zentangling, adult color books.  We will use a variety of different types of examples.   We'll be updating this throughout the season.  You can also go to my Pinterest board called "Journals" for lots of inspiration.

There are so many fun and colorful pens, colored pencils, watercolor sets, acrylic paints, crayons, gel pens, etc. for us to work on this project!  I'll explain everything when we get together tomorrow night at 6:30 pm.

Bring a snack to share and your favorite beverage.  We will have this class again for those that want to be included and haven't arrived yet.  So don't be disappointed when I post the class pictures.

Please call me and let me know if you will be there!  Like RSVP this minute!  I want to know who's know my email address AND PHONE NUMBER.  Oh, and don't forget to invite any renter or visitor who may not have this link!  Remember this is fun art.....not fine art!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Several months ago I decided it would be interesting to write a blog on our Attitude Adjustment Classes we have offered at Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort in Webster, FL. since 2009.  Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to see and share with others, some of our painting projects.  There are some things that can't be how much fun we have each time we get together.
Life Rocks When Your Living Room Rolls!
Our Home
We are about a week out on our return trip to Florida.  Our travels took us to many new states this summer, and it wasn't until May that we decided to go to the Family Motor Coach Association's 92nd International Rally in Madison, Wisconsin.  I had an opportunity to present four Attitude Adjustment Art Classes during the rally.  These are the projects we completed:
Madison Barn Bag
Larger Size

Zippered Burlap Decorative Pillow
with Gingham and Burlap Ribbon Trim

Turtle Shopping Bag

This was done in a class at Florida Grande but in this one
I model my new "bling" cast on my broken wrist

It didn't help that I broke my wrist after one of the most gracious exits out of  our motorhome I've ever experienced.  After our trip to the Galax, Virginia Hospital Emergency Room we were referred to some awesome orthopedic and radiology doctors.  About every 2 weeks we would visit a new state, x-rays of last visit in hand, and check out the doctors I needed to see for that stage of my healing.
State Capitol
Madison, Wisconsin

Lanesboro, Minnesota

Beautiful Iowa Corn Fields

Hannibal, Missouri

Traveling to many places gave me an opportunity to find new projects and shop, shop, shop for new art medias for our art classes at Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort starting in November. Shopping for new project supplies has been so much fun.  Our car is filled to the brim so I guess we better reach our destination soon.

Famous Barr's Fiddle Shop in Galax, VA
Acquired my new guitar to paint!

My New Painting Project when we
return to Florida - Can't wait!

All the above is to say we had a busy trip filled with unbelievable memories, and we'll be glad to settle back down into a routine...mine, of course, will involve a lot of painting.  I really, really hope to see you there!

Friday, May 22, 2015


After visiting and staying in Florence, AL, during the past 8 years and thinking I was familiar with most of the historical sites, I was surprised when my friend, Kathy Page, insisted she wanted to show me an unmarked and unpublicised area off the Natchez Trace Parkway (the original 444 mile Indian pathway from Natchez, MS, to Nashville, TN) near milepost 338.
Natchez Trace Parkway - near Florence, AL
The road to The Wall
I'm glad we were able to hear the documented story of Te-lah-nay, a Yuchi Indian from Lauderdale County, AL.
Myself and Tom Hendrix, Builder of the
Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall
near Florence, AL  May, 2015
Tom Hendrix, builder of the site of the Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall, a larger than life memorial that he built over the past 30 years, to honor the life of his great-great-grandmother
Te-lah-nay, along with her sister, who was sent westward to Muskogee, OK, during the forced relocation of Native Americans from the southeast following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, via the Trail Of Tears.
Stone Pathway
My friend, Kathy, and I were invited to sit by Mr. Hendrix' truck in lawn chairs, surrounded by the giant rock and limestone arrangements and in the next 45 minutes heard the amazing story of his journey to honor his great-great-grandmother and the amazing life she lived.
Stone Pathway Representing The Journey
Mr. Hendrix, an author as well, was very knowledgeable of Indian folklore, culture and customs.  The Yuchi tribe of Alabama believed that the beautiful Tennessee River was home to a young woman who sang beautiful songs.  The tribe called the river "nunnuhsae", meaning the singing river.  Te-lah-nay never heard songs from the rivers in Oklahoma and yearned to hear the songs from her past.  In 1839 she began a singular 5 year pilgrimage to return home to Alabama.
Area For Prayer and Meditation
For almost 4 decades Mr. Hendrix has brought over 8 million pounds of sandstone and limestone to honor a woman he never knew.  The amazing stone walls captivate her perilous journey.  "One step at a time, one stone at a time.  Lay a stone for every step she made...We shall pass this earth.  Only the stones will remain.  We honor our ancestors with stones."
An Area For Meditation and Prayer
Tom Hendrix is also referred to as the The Stone Talker, because of his belief and commitment to pass on the unbelievable and amazing story of  Te-lah-nay's life (and also respecting her herbal and natural healing knowledge passed down through generations).
Stone Pathway
The Wall has many different parts that represent the past - her journey from Lauderdale County to Oklahoma, and another section representing her five year journey back to Alabama.
Ancient Indian Symbol of the Woodpecker
Stone Gifts From All Over The World

 Tom Hendrix selflessly shares stories to everyone who enters, all day, every day of the week.  He has received gift stones presented by visitors from over 127 countries, territories, and islands.  This is the largest monument to a woman in the United States.  The Wall is listed as one of Alabama's Top Spiritual Places.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This is a blog about my creative interests.  I admit a lot of you I have hundreds of interests that keep me entertained and busy.  We also have a travel blog devoted to our RV adventures for the past 8 years), but this blog will be about my art projects, my creative side and ideas that I want and need to explore.  Our lifestyle of adventuring into the unknown usually gives us ample time to explore different communities in our beautiful country, and what they offer - whether it is cultural, historical or just plain ridiculous.  Sometimes a good sense of humor is very therapeutic (and necessary) in this lifestyle.
Coming to a town near you - got to love it!
We see lots of informative signs!
Yes, sometimes, we need to adjust our attitude.  Eight years ago, my husband and I started out on an adventure of travelling full time in our 40' diesel pusher motorhome.
Our 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus

When we get to our winter domicile in central Florida I offer an art class called ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT for interested people who stay at our resort, whether they are here one night or six months at a time.  These classes have been offered since 2009.
Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort - Webster, FL

Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort - Webster, FL
Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort - Webster, FL
I usually offer one or two painting classes each month, and it gives us an opportunity to make new friends as well as get in touch with our inner artist/creative person.  Although we never considered ourselves snowbirds, since we are both from northern Florida, we stay at Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort in Webster, FL at least six months, arriving in October or November and leaving around Mother's Day.
This class offered a canvas which was made into a pillow top.

Class made Canvas Shopping Bag

Silk Scarf Painting for Gifts at Christmas
There are excellent facilities to paint at Florida Grande, and when we leave I miss my frequent creative binges.  To facilitate my craft binging there are storage areas in the back of our tow car filled with project supplies and that spills over to the storage bays underneath the coach.  After leaving I sometimes paint murals in offices, teach jewelry making, gather materials for the next painting classes, talk to other artists and creative people.  I call it my six month shopping trip..and I guess it is.
Table painted for client

This sign was painted in a chiropractor's office,

Painted wall mural in small half bath for client
I feel fortunate to know this is a part of in my "essence", and I feel blessed to be able to enjoy this time.  I enjoy the creative process, start to finish. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach friends who are very proud of completed projects, and at the same time get to know new friends from all over the world.
This is my new blog and I look forward to hearing comments from you and perhaps meeting up with you on the road.  God bless you and yours.